Two photojournalist on their journey to capture the beauty of what they see thru their lens.

Matt and Justin are two Phoenix photographers who share a love for adventure, their art and an urge to push boundaries that gets them in as much trouble as it gets them out of. Fortunately our easy going natures coupled with a little sarcastic wit make us easy to get along with for even the most serious rule enforcer.

We met a few years ago while doing volunteer work for the same organization and immediately recognized that we were the two smartest and awesomest (and humble) people in the room. Our friendship carried on even after our time volunteering was over and so a dynamic partnership was formed.

One summer we decided to take a road trip to capture parts of the southwest that most people don’t get the opportunity to see. Seventy-two hours, 1500 miles, 3 states, 5 cameras, approximately zero hours of sleep and an awesome little travel buddy named Bailey later we had somewhere around 3500 photos to show for it. Some at daytime, some at night and a few really blurry ones from the lack of sleep.



While doing research on the cave before we went down there it became very evident that this was going to be something we would remember for a while. Click here for the full article.
Operation Capture Space

Operation Capture Space

We were headed down to Peppersauce Cave for the second time to wander around and do some exploration of light photos (this will come up in a future article). Click here for the full article.
Matt DeYoung and Justin Swartzentruber

Boron California

In 1979 it was converted to a Federal Prison for minimum security males and then abandoned in 2000. After learning this our adventurous natures got the best of us and we had to go exploring. Click here for the full article.
Deyoung Pictures

NASCAR 2015 at PIR

The biggest thing we noticed was how much of a family event NASCAR turned out to be. Everyone from the drivers to fans had family there and the majority of the vendors made sure they had products that catered to kids and adults alike. Click here for the full article.
DeYoung Photography

Nevada Stop RAW AZ

We got to a point where we couldn't see anything resembling civilization. No lights from houses or businesses. No billboards. Nothing but a full moon, the road and a plain surrounded by mountains. There hadn’t been a car for almost a hundred miles. Click here for the full article.
Matthew DeYoung

RAW AZ; Matthew DeYoung Photography

The car forest is a privately held property that the owner, for reasons unknown Click here for the full article.
Photo by Matt DeYoung

Matthew and Justin RAW AZ

Matt DeYoung and Justin Swartzentruber are a couple of adventure photographers who started working together in early 2013. Their motto “Risk Takers Rule the World” Click here for the full article.