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Keep the Holidays Healthy and Happy

Keep the Holidays Healthy and Happy

Dr Bret WilsonThe holiday season is in full swing with the countdown to Christmas and the New Year.  Jodie and I were blessed to spend a busy weekend with family and friends.   As the season gets busy, here are a few exercises in good health to make the season joyful.

Take A WalkA simple walk  can increase energy, warm you up, reduce stress and improve your mood.  Walk with a friend or family member and you increase the health benefit to both of you.

Take A Breath.  This time of year is full of moments that take our breath away.  It also can be filled with times that we hold our breath in anticipation.  Be conscious of your breathing and maintain good full belly breaths .

Push Away From the Table.  The holidays are a time to “eat, drink and be merry” but too much of a good thing can be stressful.  Weight gain and indigestion from overindulgence in food and drink can ruin the season.  Be thoughtful in your consumption.  Eat slowly and chew thoroughly.  Alternate a glass of water with other beverages.

Lift Someone’s Spirit.  Express your appreciation to others, forgive someone, spend some time with someone who is ill or far from family.  The benefits are increased to you and the other person.  Mental and spiritual health improves.  A gift that is as unique as you and the situation involved is a spiritual exercise that lightens the load.

Lend A Hand.  Volunteer, help a friend, and spend time with your child on a project.  The activity and social involvement is a boost to your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Exercise Emotional Control.  The holidays can be stressful and trigger depression and anxiety.  Planning time for maintaining your own mental and physical health can help .  Try to keep things in perspective; you can only control your own thoughts, words and actions.  Focus on the positives, maintain perspective on the things that do not turn out as well as you hoped.

Rest And Recover.  Take the time to allow for adequate rest and sleep .  The importance of a rested body and mind can make the difference between you being naughty and nice.  Take a break before your body tells you, plan for them in your schedule.  Keep sleep and wake cycles consistent.

Keep perspective and health for the holidays.  Celebrate the season.  Stay healthy for yourself and the ones you love.  Share it with them.  Take good care of yourself so that it will be the merriest of holidays!

Wishing health and happiness,

Bret Wilson, DC December 2014

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