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NASCAR 2015 at PIR

NASCAR 2015 at PIR

DeYoung PicturesThe 500 was the first NASCAR event that Justin has ever experienced. The first thing most people think of when hearing about NASCAR is beer, left turns and loud cars. After attending the event we can tell you first hand, there’s a lot more to NASCAR than initially meets the eye.  History of NASCAR ie;Wikipedia

First the big news. The winner was Kevin Harvick in the Jimmy John’s Chevrolet. Apparently they really are freaky fast.

Several drivers had tire issues caused by high brake heat which resulted in the bead melting and the tires coming off the rim or falling apart. Dale Earnhardt Jr was knocked out of the race early on due to his right rear tire losing pressure and destroying the rear quarter of his car.

The biggest thing we noticed was how much of a family event NASCAR turned out to be. Everyone from the drivers to fans had family there and theDeYoung Pictures majority of the vendors made sure they had products that catered to kids and adults alike.

Justin SwartzentruberWe enjoyed seeing this little guy’s excitement while waiting to meet his favorite driver. It looks like we may have a future driver in the making.

All in all we both loved the event. Justin learned a lot about high speed photography and the necessity of washing your clothes after getting that close to the race (we were covered in tire and track debris by the end of each day).

If you’ve never been to a race we highly recommend attending so you can see in real life why they call Phoenix International Raceway, Zoomtown USA.

We’ll continue with our trip to Boron, CA next month…
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Justin Swartzentruber Assistant Photographer