Matthew DeYoung

RAW AZ; Matthew DeYoung Photography

RAW AZ; Matthew DeYoung Photography

Matt & JustinMatt and Justin are two Phoenix photographers who share a love for adventure, their art and an urge to push boundaries that gets them in as much trouble as it gets them out of.  Fortunately our easy going natures coupled with a little sarcastic wit make us easy to get along with for even the most serious rule enforcer.  

We met a few years ago while doing volunteer work for the same organization and immediately recognized that we were the two smartest and awesomest (and humble) people in the room. Our friendship carried on even after our time volunteering was over and so a dynamic partnership was formed. 

One summer we decided to take a road trip to capture parts of the southwest that most people don’t get the opportunity to see. Seventy-two hours, 1500 miles, 3 states, 5 cameras, approximately zero hours of sleep and an awesome little travel buddy named Bailey later we had somewhere around 3500 photos to show for it. Some at daytime, some at night and a few really blurry ones from the lack of sleep.  

I have to make a tiny correction here. I know we said approximately zero hours of sleep, but in actuality Bailey slept in the back seat for the majority of the drive. Matt and Justin on the other hand … 

The trip started at 4am on Thursday, leaving from Phoenix. Matt & Justin

The first stop was at the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas at 10am. The Neon Boneyard is a collection of iconic neon signs of historic casinos of Las Vegas past. It’s well laid out and you get to see a lot of their collection while on their guided tour. Unfortunately, the Neon Boneyard doesn’t allow you to publish photos of their exhibits. We included the only photon we have that we were allowed to post. Enjoy! The other pictures really are awesome though. Trust us. 

Next up was a quick little drive to the International Car Forest of the Last Church. The car forest was awesome. The drive contained a little too much country music for Justin’s liking (the only real source of disagreement between the two of us)  and Bailey was asleep in the back so she didn’t really care what was playing.  

The majority of the pictures in this issue will be from this stop.  

The car forest is a privately held property that the owner, for reasons unknown but probably just for fun, decided to turn into a wrecked car funhouse for the worlds enjoyment. It is open to the public for no charge and is a playground for artists of all mediums. People come from all over to photograph the cars, spray paint murals and designs on the cars and generally enjoy the unique combination of outdoors and artistic atmosphere.  

Matt and JustinMatt’s favorite subject was an old ice cream truck with a limo stacked on top of it. We got some cool daytime and nighttime photos of it, but first we had to take a selfie … on top of it… so we free climbed, quickly realizing that the limo was not attached to the ice cream truck. It was just resting on top. Good times! No one got hurt and we lived to see another day. 

After that it was time to go get some dinner and wait for dark. The Car Forest is approximately 25 minutes from any kind of civilization so we went and relaxed at a little truck stop along the road for a while and came back after dusk. 

Justin fell in love with a bus that was planted nose first in the ground with the entire body sticking straight up. No idea how the property owner did that, but it was awesome and we spent a lot of time painting that bus with our flashlights. 

matt & JustinAt this point we still haven’t slept, but we have a four hour drive to our next destination, the abandoned mining town of Bodie, California. To be continued …