Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love
By Julianna Lyddon


What does it mean to love in an unconditional way?

It isn’t as easy as some might think. Many of us claim we always love in this way, but in reality, we may be lucky if we have glimpses or moments of this type of love.

Unconditional love is pure and true. It is soft and subtle and can easily be intimidated or manipulated. It is up to us to embrace and nourish this quality that lives within us, so it will flourish and not become stagnate or lost.

As human beings, one of our biggest struggles is the human condition…which tends to be complex and even convoluted at times. When I refer to the human condition, I want you to think of everything that has to do with actually being human…our physicality, behaviors, beliefs, attitudes, opinions, physical ailments,etc. We tend to get stuck in the human side of ourselves and this pulls us away from our heart center. When this happens we begin to put conditions on our love. We make deals with it…plans for it…set limits for it. This happens almost unconsciously, for many. We begin to set up a framework of expectations based on our past life experiences and with that comes limits on our loving. It’s as if we have allowed our head to figure it all out for us and stopped letting our heart have a say. The concept of being “in our head” is part of the human condition. When we live there too much and set up our framework and ground rules in a measured way, we lose our ability to love in the purest sense, unconditionally.

Pay attention to what your limits are on love.

Do you demand certain things before giving your love, do you punish others when they don’t give you the love you expect, do you have a hard time loving those that view the world differently from you, do you look for the love in others even when they have hurt you? It is not easy to love in this way, but if we each take the time to stand back and view our world from a deeper, more heartfelt perspective, we might be able to see where we need more love in our lives. It is through this self evaluation that we can begin to open our hearts to give and receive more love.

Julianna Lyddon
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