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What is hypnotherapy

What is hypnotherapy?

Are all types of hypnotherapy created equal?

Juianna LyddonI have found that one of the best decisions I made in my career was the decision to attend Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy certification training. It came about a few years ago, when I was the host of a radio show. One of my guests began talking about her work as a Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist. I was mesmerized by her stories, and an intuitive knowing shot through me, as if to say, “This is for you”. Since I always follow my intuition, it is not surprising that a few months later I found myself in Issaquah, Washington, in the middle of the most breath- taking forest I had ever seen. I spent eight days there, not only delving into my own subconscious mind, but those of my classmates as well. What an amazing discovery I had! I really learned about the power of the subconscious mind and how it holds so much more than we really understand.

Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is different than traditional hypnotherapy. The “heart” piece is what drew me in. The most profound part about this Heart centered Hypnotherapytype of work is the new found research that proves we can release past trauma and shock from our mind and body. Up to that point, mental health professionals, psychiatrists, and medical doctors believed that once we had a traumatic experience, it would stay trapped within our mind, locked away, never to be healed, or really even revisited, for authentic healing. With Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, we have found this to no longer be the case. With this modality, the patient has the opportunity to revisit past trauma and shock, and not only release it from the body/mind system, but create a NEW conclusion and behavior that will encourage a healthier, happier life. To lead a patient through a session in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy is most often an eye opening, mind-blowing, cathartic, healing, and joyous experience! I have seen some of the most beautiful transformations! I have witnessed individuals let go of so much of the pain that had been trapped within them, pain that had been causing a “stuckness” on so many levels of their lives. Below is a story of one of my patients and his/her Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy session.

I wish I had a TV camera in my sessions! I often tell my clients that I wish I was making a documentary!

I was conducting a Heart Centered Hypnotherapy session for a client who had suffered from the most horrific abuse I had ever heard. We were working on the fear that my client had, fear that was holding him/her back in so many ways. My client also had many physical illnesses that was limiting his/her functioning and quality of life.

When opening the door to the subconscious, we never fully know what will come forth. I moved my client into a deep state of relaxation and began to work. My client shared story after story of sexual abuse. I didn’t know how this small child could have endured such abuse and still be functioning as an adult. The amazing thing about the brain is that the subconscious mind helps us escape when the emotional or physical pain is too intense. What happened next was truly awesome!

My intention was to encourage my client to release any trauma or shock that was held within the body/mind system so he/she could begin the healing process. When prompted, my client began sharing one of the many humiliating, degrading, painful experiences he/she recollected.
Next, it was time to lead my client into releasing any of the trauma and pain. This was the part that blew my mind. My client’s body already knew what needed to happen in order to begin the healing process…..all of the sudden my client started to shake uncontrollably. I was witnessing my client’s body, for the first time, process the pain from his/her previous traumatic experiences.

Many people don’t understand that our body and mind are connected. What happens in our mind, lives in our body. This sexual abuse had not only been stored in the subconscious, but the body had been caring it as well. The body gets sick when the load becomes too much.

I allowed my client to slowly and gently find his/her rhythm of breath to help be the conduit for moving the pain out of the body. This was a sacred moment. No wonder this individual had so many different illnesses. My client came out of the hypnosis session feeling lighter, and three days later sent me this e-mail: “I’m definitely noticing a lot of subtle differences. The way I hold my body, my pattern of thinking, my perspective, my reaction to situations and my breathing is deeper. All for the better.”

Take away:
we are one magnificent mind, body and spirit…whatever happens to one part of us affects the whole. Sometimes we need more than one modality to elicit healing and transformation. As always, I’m awe at this human experience! I have the most amazing laboratory!!! Thank you for allowing me to share this…
I know it inspires :))